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Ergonomic Bluetooth 2.4 Keyboard

Ergonomic Bluetooth 2.4 Keyboard

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Why choose an ergonomic keyboard?
According to the wrist natural hanging posture for key layout, key surface curvature to simulate the fingertip bending shape, the character easy to hit the departure, to eliminate shoulder, arm, wrist pain and other adverse risks, improve office habits.
Recommended Users
Heavy computer users/Moderate computer users / mouse hand / office shoulder / sedentary back people/IT professionals who spend a lot of time in a sedentary position

Arched design Natural curved shape
Simulates the natural state of the hands in a bent state, so that the wrist in a more natural, relaxed state

Large size PU material hand rest comfortable to undertake
Using comfortable pu leather material, wrist fit support, help wrist in a comfortable position

Membrane keyboard trigger is not ordinary
Volcano mouth architecture, long key range, strong rebound, say goodbye to the clattering sound, soft and smooth experience without losing flexibility

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