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Illuminated Memory Cooler

Illuminated Memory Cooler

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Crushed diamond design crystal clear to create a beautiful visual feast
Top light guide bar using transparent crystal material
Diamond cutting process, so that the light presents a crystal clear effect.

3 color schemes
Memory vest selection of 3 colorways: flaming red, gentleman gray, piano white, are very consistent with the motherboard
The style of the classic color scheme, convenient for buyers to choose their favorite style.

5V ARGB divine light synchronization to swim in a sea of 16 million colors of light
Support ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, ASRock and other motherboards addressable 5V ARGB through software control of lighting, programmable custom 16 million colors.

Wider and thicker heat sink, efficient heat dissipation, and smooth multi-tasking
The heat-conducting silicone pad transfers the heat from the memory stick to the top aluminum heat sink module and the bottom aluminum heat sink, and then cool air quickly takes away the heat to reduce the temperature of the memory stick and improve the operation performance.

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