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Keyboard Bluetooth Speaker

Keyboard Bluetooth Speaker

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Dynamic LED light effect to dress up the cool desktop
Cool gradient ambient light to show personality

Upgrade metal diaphragm cinema-grade HiFi sound quality
Metal diaphragm speakers, lossless restoration of the essence of music, dual acoustic
Low frequency, three-dimensional delicate restoration of human voice.

$1000 sound quality dual speakers and dual diaphragms
Acoustic space system, dual speakers and dual diaphragms, 4D stereo sound
Restore live-like listening, immersive experience.

Master-class professional tuning
Treble, midrange, bass, balanced tuning, the sound is more natural and dynamic regardless of the volume, have extraordinary performance!

99% lossless reproduction
High-performance digital efficacy, more than 99% sound source restoration
Close to the efficacy of lossless equipment

Upgrade Bluetooth 5.0 intelligent chip
Using Bluetooth intelligent chip, sound quality is clear and natural to improve the sound quality, giving you a more comfortable music experience

Multiple playback modes
Support AUX audio line, TF card, U disk, Bluetooth USB interface playback, to meet your entertainment needs

Intelligent full compatibility
Compatible with cell phones, computers, tablets Bluetooth devices signal stability Compatible with 99% of the Bluetooth devices on the market

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