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LED Light Strip Chassis Light Bar

LED Light Strip Chassis Light Bar

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Double-sided illumination
Support back line
Programmable light
Sturdy aluminum alloy
Convenient magnetic suction


Suitable for 99% of the market chassis
Two interface versions, easy for players to choose according to their needs

Double-sided light-emitting design
High brightness to enhance light pollution
Light bar with double-sided light-emitting design, with higher brightness, can well Enhance the effect of light pollution in the chassis.

Connect to the motherboard 5VARGB interface
5V synchronous version can be connected to the motherboard 5V3 pin ARGB interface to achieve synchronous changes in lighting with the motherboard through software control, programmable custom 16 million colors

Wireless remote control ultra-many ways to play
Small 4PIN interface needs to be plugged into the controller to use
Up to 360 kinds of light mode, can be switched on and off, adjust the brightness, etc., can be synchronized with the chassis fan, radiator, etc., to achieve remote control of the whole machine synchronous color change.

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